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The Chair's research activities can be assigned to three themes related to the sustainability of the food economy:

Sustainability management (with a focus on sustainability assessment, monitoring, certification and reporting)
The focus of our research here is on value-oriented corporate management, which pays particular attention to sustainably produced food. The production and management processes of companies in the agricultural and food industry are examined and methodical management approaches are tested and (further) developed. It includes questions of sustainability assessment, control and certification as well as corporate sustainability reporting.

Transformation and organization of value chains and food systems
In our second research theme we address the design, establishment and development of value chains and spaces, production networks and food systems. Among other things, approaches to the design of bioregional value chains, community-based economic forms and food systems oriented towards the common good are analyzed. Furthermore, management approaches for the responsible control of food value chains and production networks are considered.

Food entrepreneurship and starts-ups
Innovative and integrative business models, hybrid forms of organization and alternative or transformative economic forms are the subject of our third research area. Innovative business models are investigated and developed at all levels of the food chain (agricultural food production, further processing, trade and out-of-home catering), but also across all levels to establish regional "food hubs" and food systems.

We are also dedicated to issues of competence development and responsible management education. This includes research and development work in the field of innovative teaching/learning arrangements (including blended learning), their systematic evaluation and the integration of sustainability aspects in educational processes and institutions.