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Modules  Winter Semester


BK 007 Anatomy & Physiology

BK 067 Fundamentals of Nutritional Medicine

MP 006 Clinical Nutrition


Modules Summer Semester

BK 007 Anatomy & Physiology

BK 029 Ernährungswissenschaftliches Praktikum (Teilpraktikum)

MK 037 Pathophysiology and Nutritional Medicine

MK 047 Methoden in der Ernährungsforschung (Teilmodul)

MP 194 Pharmanutrition

MP XXX Nutritional Neuroscience (Nutrition of the brain; in preparation)


Bachelor / Master Thesis

If you are interested to prepare your bachelor or master thesis in our working group, provide us with a concrete proposal. If you plan the perform la practical master thesis please note that we recommend an intership in our laboratory first.


Further information

Module descriptions and study schedules are published in Stud.IP and on the general pages of the faculty 09 in the section studies.

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