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Lectures at the Department of Phytopathology

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Module responsible

Master courses    
MK-057-EN - Molecular Phytopathology
WiSe Steinbrenner, Šečić Schäfer, P.
MK-015-EN - Plant Protection and Bioengeneering
WiSe Lane, Šečić, Schäfer, R., Degenkolb u.a. Schäfer, P.
MP-076-EN - Laboratory Course: Tissue Culturing and Genetic Transformation WiSe
Schäfer, R.; Hasan Schäfer, P.
MP-077-EN - Laboratory Course: Methods in Molecular Phytopathology
WiSe Steinbrenner, Ladera Schäfer, P.
MP-029-EN Plant Microbe Interactions 
SoSe Lane, Schnell, Dupont, Šečić, Rosado Porto Schäfer, P., Schnell

Important informations for Agrobiotechnology students...

Adresses in industry for applications MK-019-EN - Industrial Internship

WiSe / SoSe
Schäfer, P. and scientists from industry Schäfer, P.

The module descriptions for all master modules can be found here! (only in german language)

Bachelor courses    
BK-025 - Phytomedizin WiSe
Schäfer, P. Schäfer, P.
BP-104 - Zellbiologie und Genetik SoSe Steinbrenner, Obermeier Schäfer, P., Snowdon
BP-119 - Taxonomie und Biodiversität von pilzlichen
SoSe Werner, Šečić Schäfer, P.
The module descriptions for all bachelor modules can be found here! (only in german language)