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The agro-environmental  research facilities (LFE) at the Justus Liebig University Giessen provides insight for students and researchers into practical farm management and experimental resources from the pot to the farm level.


The facility spreads over four sites in central and southern Hesse covering different climatic and soil conditions. Nearly 700 ha of land is managed with a grassland share of 45%. Three of the sites are operational farms:

    1. Rauischholzhausen: 40 km north of Giessen, a conventional 200 ha farm with a focus on plant production
    2. Oberer Hardthof: Located in Giessen, a conventional 280 ha farm with a focus on livestock production
    3. Gladbacherhof: 60 km southeast of Giessen, an organic farm of 160 ha with both plant and livestock production

The agricultural experimental station at Groß-Gerau(25 ha), 120 km south of Giessen provides resources for pot and field experiments in a drier and warmer climate. Additional plant production research facilities in Giessen include 40 ha at the Weilburger Grenze and the Launsbacher Weg. Biodiversity in agroecosystems can be investigated at Am Rittergut, a 1h grassland site 10 km south of Giessen.

Two herds of dairy cows and one of sheeps, breeding sows, pigs and poultry are raised for research and teaching livestock and veterinary sciences. Permanent scientific and technical staff manages the sites .