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Weilburger Grenze

The experimental station "Weilburger Grenze" in the Lahnaue of Gießen is the site for plant cultivation and plant breeding in the Rauischholzhausen teaching and research unit.

In the experimental station perennial and multifactorial plot trials with different crop species for different directions of use are carried out. The research spectrum is supplemented by long-term experiments on the effect of fertiliser and crop rotation systems. For teaching, the experimental station offers the opportunity for exercises and internships, as well as the preparation of bachelor's, master's and doctoral theses.

Facilities and location

  • 40 ha arable land
  • Focus on plant breeding
  • Crop rotation planning, multifactorial experiments


(according to DWD climate maps, 1x1km long term average 1981-2010):

  • Precipitation: 700 mm/a
  • Average annual temperature: 9,7°C
  • Climatic water balance: 90 mm/a


Gleyic Cambisol

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Long term experiments

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