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Career Services

Graduation - what will be thereafter? To support young professionals Justus Liebig University offers a broad selection of interesting links and addresses, seminars and lectures all around how to start a career.

It is never too early to think about how to enter the working life and to plan and organize your study time in this regard. Hands-on experience is very helpful as well as understanding the job market. We wish to actively help you gain first professional experiences during your studies and getting prepared to write your individual and successful application.


Seminars and Workshops


There are numerous announcements by different institutions and organizations within JLU on these topis. We have collected the most important sources of information. It is worth checking more than one site as the supply of information is only partially overlapping. 


Event schedule of the Centre for Special Competences (ZfbK)

It is definitely worthwhile to browse this website. The Centre for Special Competences (ZfbK) offers a broad selection of seminars, courses and presentations/lecutres on how to start a career. Furthermore, various courses are on offer to improve key competences for studying or professional life.

Event Schedule of the Centre for Special Competences (ZfbK)


Website of the ZfbK with a broad range of events


German language courses are offered for every level of proficiency



Trade Associations and their Student Groups

The student groups of relevant trade organisations are very active and repeatedly offer lectures in cooporation with companies or on current topics.


  • VDOE Berufsverband Oecotrophologie e.V.  / VDOE Studentengruppe Universität Gießen
    (Trade Organisation Ecotrophology)
  • Deutsche Gesellschaft für Hauswirtschaft e. V. (dgh)
    (German Association for Home Economic)
  • VDL Berufsverband Agrar Ernährung Umwelt / VDL-Studierendengruppe Gießen
    (Trade Organisation Agriculture, Nutrition, Environment)


Assessment Center

At the faculty 06 Psychology students can experience a test situation in an Assessment Centre in the same way as companies use it. This is a perfect chance to identify one's own professional strengths and weaknesses. You find the scheduled dates here:

Assessment Centre of the faculty 06




Individual Counselling


Studtents can make use of  individual counseling concerning their professional perspectives and their way into working life.  Appointments can be arranged with the Career Service of the ZfbK and the Academic Team of the Employment Agency Giessen:

                the Centre for special Competences (ZfbK)

Students can register for the scheduled appointment dates for counselling.

Scheduled appointments of the Centre for special Competences (ZfbK)

           the academic team of the Employment Agency

You can always arrange an individual appointment for counselling with the professional counselor of the academic team of the employment agency. The purpose can be an application check or any other issue about your future professional life.


Iris Heilgendorf, Dipl. Sowi. / Counselor of the Academic Team

Telefon:           0641 9393-382

Telefax:            0641 9393-448




Angela Christiane Meyer-Fenderl, Dipl. Kauffrau, MBA / Counselor of the Academic Team

Telefon:     0641 9393-475

Telefax:     0641 9393-448





Agentur für Arbeit Gießen (Employment Agency Giessen)

Nordanlage 60

35390 Gießen

Further information for international job applicants is given here.





We highly recommend to do an internship during your study time and to calculate enough time for this. First hands-on experience is extremly valuable and a chance to get insight into different branches or companies. Additionally, you may discover your interests and plan your study schedule accordingly. If the internship meets certain requirements, it is possible to get it recognised as a module with 12 CP. In case you have any questions please contact the internship office.
Internship office FB 09


How to find a company?

Job market of the faculty 09 here
Job market of the Centre for special comptences (ZfbK) here
Career Day of the JLU Giessen / ZfbK  here


Internships abroad

Financing your stay abroad here


English pages



The German language

We strongly recommend to start learning German as this is inevitable for a professional career in Germany. Take into account that learning a language properly can take years. Hence, start now.

German-language learning courses are offered at JLU for international students.


You may also contact the international office directly if you encounter difficulties in registering for a language course.

Dr. Lissette Mächler
Sachgebietsleitung Deutsch als Fremdsprache Akademisches Auslandsamt Justus-Liebig-Universität Gießen Goethestr. 58
35390 Gießen
Tel.: 0641 99 12148
Fax: 0641 99 12133