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Before Enrolment

Welcome at the faculty 09 - Agricultural Sciences, Nutritional Sciences and Environmental Management. Our faculty is involved in research and teaching concerning security of the global food supply, healthy nutrition and the food chain via primary production and processing to the development of environmentally friendly land use and material flow systems. The faculty focuses on securing global food supplies, agricultural biotechnology, environmental and resource management, agribusiness, nutrition and health, and consumer protection. We offer a wide range of study programmes, Bachelor's degrees as well as Master's degrees, including four international Master's degree programmes. In this section you can find information concerning what will be necessary for your university application, requirements, deadlines, financial support and living in Giessen.

On this page we provide information on the application process, preconditions, deadlines and start of studies for our master's degree programmes with an emphasis on international applicants.

In general, students can apply for a Master's programme of our faculty if they hold a Bachelor's degree with a three-year duration of the study program (at least 180 Credits).

The English Master's programmes only start in the winter semester (October).

Application deadlines

The general application deadline of the JLU Gießen is June 15 for the winter semester and January 15 for the summer semester .

The application deadline of our international Master's Degree programmes Agrobiotechnology, Insect Biotechnology and Bioresources as well as Transition Management is June 15th.

The application deadline of our international Master's Degree programme Sustainable Transition is July 15th .

Start of the Application period via

The application period for the international degree programmes Agrobiotechnology, Insect Biotechnology and Bioresources as well as Transition Management via uni-assist starts May 1 on .

The application start for our international Master's Degree programme Sustainable Transition is the 1st of June .

Application via application website of JLU

This applies to applicants with a Bachelor's degree from a German university.
>> Bewerbungsportal JLU
The application website of JLU for opens June 1st for the winter semester and December 1st for summer semester.

Application via uni-assist

Applicants who obtained their university entrance certificate abroad and completed a Bachelor's programme at a foreign university need to apply via
To submit your application please register at and fill in the online application forms on


Uni-assist checks all applications for completeness and correctness and whether the documents fullfil the requirements of the study course selected. If all requirements are met, applications are passed on to JLU Giessen.

>> JLU application checklist

Please note that only the application for the study programmes Sustainable Transition and Insect Biotechnology and Bioresources require a letter of motivation and a minimum Bachelor's grade of 2.6 (based on the German grading system).

Because of the duration of the application procedure, your application documents and the requisite processing fees must arrive at uni-assist no later than 14 days before the application deadline. Official date of receipt for your application is the day on which your application documents are determined to be complete.

Applicants submitting their application via uni-assist should note the following:

  • Make sure you first register on the online portal of uni-assist. Here you can submit an application or, if necessary, more than one.
  • Please transfer the official processing fees to uni-assist in good time, as inspection of your documents can only be undertaken after the fees have been paid.

Your documents as certified hard copies and the fees must be received by uni-assist no later than 14 days before the application deadline .