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Living in Giessen

Due to the fact that the university and local authorities are closed from Friday afternoon to Sunday, we strongly advise you to plan your arrival in Giessen between Monday and Thursday – preferably in the morning. This will allow you to take care of any necessary formalities as soon as you have arrived. Please remember that the 3rd of October is a public holiday in Germany – all shops and the student service facilities are closed on that day.

Please remember that if you reserved a room in one of our student hostels, you will receive your room-key only during the opening hours of the student service offices. You have to pay your deposit and sign the rental contract before receiving your key.

Office of the Association of Student Affairs

Opening Hours: Mon - Thur 9.00 a.m. - 3.00 p.m.; Fri 9.00 a.m. - 2.30 p.m.
If you arrive at a time outside the office opening hours, you will need to book an accommodation in a hotel or hostel (cost: between 20 and 100 Euros per night).

Please ensure that you have enough money with you when you arrive (cash or credit card) in order to cover initial expenses during your first days in Giessen. As there are several formalities to be organised as e.g. to open a bank account or to find an accommodation, these things may take several days.

Transfer to Giessen

If you arrive at the Frankfurt Main Airport there are several ways of getting to Giessen: you can travel by train (about 25 Euros) or by taxi (about 55 Euros). Giessen is situated approximately 70 km north of Frankfurt / Frankfurt Main Airport.

  • If you decide to take a taxi to Giessen, you can order this service in advance via e-mail ( Please ensure that you receive a notice of confirmation.
  • If you decide to travel via train you can search here for a suitable train to Giessen:

If you arrive at the Giessen Central Rail Station you can use public transport to reach your next destination. The link below will take you to the website of the RMV, the public transport company. The website is also available in English. Here you can enter departure and destination points (e.g. bus stops) as well as enter addresses directly:

The following link provides a map on the public transport in Giessen:

Housing contract

If you reserved a room in a student hostel, you will need to sign the rental agreement and provide the following:

  • Letter of admission or certificate of enrolment
  • Cash to pay the deposit

You will require the rental agreement when registering at the Stadtbüro Gießen (Giessen municipal office).

Pleas note the information of the office of the Association of Student Affairs :

Further Information: