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Examination Office Faculty 09

On this page, detailed information is given on the examination procedures of the international master study programs at the faculty 09 – Agricultural Sciences, Nutritional Sciences and Environmental Management. Information on the Bachelor examinations is provided only on the German website. The described procedures apply exclusively to the module examination of the faculty 09. For module examinations of other faculties other regulations and deadlines are valid.
Non-attendance of exams for justified reasons

From the summer semester 2023 on, you will need to hand in a proof with a justified reason (e.g. medical certificate) immediately if you do not attend an exam for reasons beyond your control, otherwise the exam will count as failed. For submission please fill in the online form and upload the corresponding proof.

For proof of illness you may print the certificate available here and present it to the doctor, or you can upload a certificate provided by the doctor.

Please use the online form for submission of the corresponding proof / medical certificate.

For modules of Faculty 02, please use the form here
The completed form must be submitted to Prüfungsamt Wirtschaftswissenschaften.

For your personal documentation please keep the medical certificate. If the certificate is accepted, the examination will not count as failed but has to be repeated during the next possible examination period. This registration is effected automatically.

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Please note that from the summer semester 2023 on you will need to hand in a medical certificate if you do not attend an exam, otherwise the exam will count as failed. Furthermore, there will be no additional free attempt, which means that from the summer semsester 2023 onwards each module has got three attempts. A failed thesis can only be repeated once.

Certificate documents

>> Application for certificate Master of Science
(Agrobiotechnology, Insect Biotechnology and Bioresources, Sustainable Transition, Transition Management)