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During their studies, students may take examinations in modules more than those required. The results of those additional modules are not counted towards the creditpoints and are not included in the calculation of the overall grade relating to the degree. Addtional modules can be modules of Faculty 09 or modules that have been recognised by the examination board, which correspond to the scope of the Special Regulations.

Attendance in modules of Faculty 09 as additional modules is possible, if seats are available. Availability can be checked in Stud.IP or by contacting the module coordinator.

If you want to attend modules as additional modules, you have to register directly in Stud.IP. These modules shall not be listed in your profile module plan.

Registration for Module Examinations as Additonal Modules

Please use this form for registration: Registration form Additional Modules (pdf.)

The form has to be submitted within the respective deadlines to the examination office.

The successful completion of additional modules is shown in an additional certificate.