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Profile Module Plan

Here you find all necessary information on the profile module plan, which serves as a planning tool for your studies as well as for the deanery of the faculty 09.

In the profile module plan you define which profile modules you want to attend in which semester. On the one hand it is important that you have an overview of the modules you are planning to attend (matching module combinations, setup of your personal schedule – no overlaps) and on the other hand it is the basis for distributing seats in modules with limited capacity.


When do I have to create my profile module plan?

Master students create their profile module plan in FlexNow during their first semester.


How do I create a profile module plan?

Before you create your personal profile module plan you should check the study schedules of your study program and the module directory. On the basis of this information you choose your profile modules. Please make sure that the modules in one semester do not overlap and please also take into consideration the prerequisites of modules as given in the module description.


Where can I get advice before choosing my profile modules?

For each study program of faculty 09 a professor is responsible to give advice on questions regarding the choice of profile modules.

  • M.Sc. Agrobiotechnology
    Prof. Dr. Dr. Peter Kämpfer
  • M.Sc. Insect Biotechnology and Bioresources
    Prof. Dr. Andreas Vilcinskas
  • M.Sc. Transition Management
    Prof. Dr. Martin Petrick
  • M.Sc. Sustainable Transition
    Prof. Dr. Ramona Teuber

You find all contact information in the category counselling.


How do I enter my profile module plan into FlexNow?

The profile module plan is created by pre-registrating modules in FlexNow. This is done by allocating the requested modules to a semester. For detailed instructions please use the manual below.

>> FlexNow guide "FlexNow for faculty 09" (.pdf)

>> direct link to FlexNow


Can I change my profile module plan?

Modules which are not completed and not yet registered for examination can be exchanged in the profile module plan. In case you do not get a seat in a limited module, you need to update the semester allocation to a later semester. Completed modules cannot be removed from the profile module plan.


I want to attend more modules than I have to – additional modules (freiwillige Zusatzleistungen)

If you want to attend modules in addition to those given in the study program you have to register directly in Stud.IP. These modules shall not be listed in your profile module plan. Additional modules which are completed successfully will be certified in an extra document to the final transcript of records. Should you fail an optional module or not attend the examination after registration, you will not be excluded from the study program. This will only happen in modules which are registered for examination as regular modules. For the exams in additional modules you register at the examination office not via FlexNow.