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Master Orientation Winter Semester 2023/24

In order to give you a good start into your Master’s degree courses, we offer several information events for the first-semester students.

Master Orientation Week at the Faculty 09

The welcome meetings of the Faculty 09 are organized by the study deanery and designed for all freshers of the international Master’s programmes Agrobiotechnology (ABT), Insect Biotechnology and Bioresources (IBB), Sustainable Transition (ST) and Transition Management (TM).

Wednesday, 27th September

Thursday, 28th September

Thursday, 05th October

  • 10.00-11.00 a.m. Welcome and Introduction to the International degree programmes of the faculty 09 (ABT, IBB, TM)
    We will provide an overview on the schedule of the week and the different institutions at Justus Liebig University
    Location: Biologischer Hörsaal - room 232 (2nd floor), Ludwigstraße 23, 35390 Gießen

Tutor groups

There will be a Tutor group for each international degree programme:

  • Agrobiotechnology
    Date: 5th October 2023
    Time: 11.00 a.m.
    Location: Zeughaus, Seminarraum 109, Senckenbergstraße 3

  • Insect Biotechnology and Bioresources
    Date: 5th October 2023
    Time: 11.00 a.m.
    Location: Zeughaus, Seminarraum 139, Senckenbergstraße 3

  • Transition Management
    Date:5th October 2023
    Time: 11.00 a.m.
    Location: Institut für Geographie, Seminarraum 002, Neues Schloss, Senckenbergstraße 1

  • Sustainable Transition
    Date: 4th Oct 2023
    Time: 11.00 a.m.
    Location: online
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Information Session "Examinations and FlexNow"

The content preparation is certainly one important component for successful exams. But there are also some organizational tasks to deal with, for example the registration in FlexNow. To be prepared in these matters the study deanery offers an information session about FlexNow and exams for our first-year students. Here you learn all about the organization of exams at the faculty 09, about the examination regulations and how to register in FlexNow. Fitted with all necessary information you can concentrate on preparing for the exams. So don’t miss this session.

Information Session "Examinations and FlexNow"


Information Session "Profile Module Plan and Module Registration"

The deanery provides various tools to support you during your studies. One of them is the profile module plan. It is an extremely important tool to tailor your studies to your individual needs and goals as it brings you in a good position to get a place in the modules you want to take. We will explain how it works and what you need to do. So, do not miss this information session and bring yourself in the pool position for the next semester!

Information Session "Profile Module Plan & Module Registration"


Technical Prerequisites

We recommend a laptop or PC for participation in video conferences during the teaching and the Master Introduction Days. Participation with mobile devices (Smartphone / Tablet) is of course possible but not optimal because not all functions of the web software are available.

Even so, if you want to try using a smartphone or tablet for the webex meeting on Monday, please install the Webex App well ahead.

A camera and a microphone are especially important that you get to know the other students. This will make the start of your studies easier. In order to have a better communication and to avoid acoustic feedback, we also recommend the use of headphones or a headset.