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Registration for Examinations

Faculty 09 students register for examinations via the electronic system FlexNow.

General information about exams

Video with general information about exams in the Faculty 09


Information Session "Examinations and FlexNow in the faculty 09" in Jan 2024

The content preparation is certainly one important component for successful exams. But there are also some organizational tasks to deal with, for example the registration in FlexNow. To be prepared in these matters the study deanery offers an information session about FlexNow and exams for our first-year students. Here you learn all about the organization of exams at the faculty 09, about the examination regulations and how to register in FlexNow. Fitted with all necessary information you can concentrate on preparing for the exams. So don’t miss this session.


Deadlines for exam registrations

Each semester, the examination committee determines three examination periods and the corresponding deadlines for registration, e.g. registration during the 1st registration period --> examination during the 1st examination period.


Examination periods

In the faculty 09, three examination periods are defined each semester:

  • The first period lasts two weeks and extends from the last lecture week to the first week of the non-lecture period.
  • The second examination period is the week before the lecture period of the following semester starts.
  • The third examination period is the 6th week of the lecture period in the following semester.

Students register either for the first or the second examination period. For the third examination period, students cannot register themselves. As the third examination period is intended for re- and repeat examinations only, students are automatically registered in FlexNow.


Dates of exams

The study deanery organizes and determines the examination dates of the first and second examination period and publishes them on the faculty 09 web site. The dates of the examinations in the third examination period are given in StudIP or can be directly obtained from the professor in charge of the module.


Registration for examinations in FlexNow

Faculty 09 students register for examinations via the electronic system FlexNow. Deregistration from examinations is also possible in FlexNow. The FlexNow brochure explains how the registration for examination works.

Video: Exam registration in FlexNow in the faculty 09



In case you are not able to attend an examination due to illness, you have to submit a medical certificate to the examination office within three working days. Please remember to hand in the Supplement Sheet to a Medical Certificate also. If these conditions are fulfilled, the examination does not count a fail. You are automatically registered for the repeat examination in FlexNow in the next examination period.
You find more information in the category examination office/topics A-Z


Registration for an examination via the examination office by using forms or e-mails

  • is only possible in exceptional cases
  • you will not receive a confirmation from the examination office and the FlexNow transaction key will not be sent automatically
  • you promptly have to check your examination status yourself
  • a registration via e-mail has to contain:

    a. A sound reason to register via the examination office (e.g. technical problems with FLexNow or other serious problems)

    b. Name, Matriculation No.

    c. Examination: Module Code and Module Title

    d. Indication of modules which be shall be registered as optional additional modules (module code and module title)