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PhDnet Research Training Programme & Calendar

Study Calendar of the Doctoral Cycles


European Doctoral Symposium Literary and Cultural Studies

These international symposia take place twice a year, alternating between Giessen, the Finnish Graduate School, and the universities of Stockholm, Bergamo, Lisbon, Graz and Warwick. At these symposia, doctoral researchers present and discuss their projects with their supervisors and fellow doctoral researchers from similar research areas.


International Conferences

During the cycles of the PhDnet, international conferences are organised at some of the partner institutions. These conferences’ thematic foci are based on the participants’ research profiles as well as on the PhDnet modules.


Workshops and Master Classes

In order to support the doctoral researchers’ academic integration outside of the seven institutions involved, visiting researchers whose research is relevant to the participants’ projects are invited to give lectures, master classes or workshops within the PhDnet. These events are again designed in line with PhDnet modules or touch upon issues dealt with in various modules.


Junior research groups

Junior research groups foster scientific discourse between doctoral researchers. These research groups are aligned to student projects and open up a platform for international and interdisciplinary discussions.


Additional PhDnet Activities

To complement the regular PhDnet study calendar, the doctoral researchers organize activities such as writing retreats or other networking events, e.g with PhDnet alumni.