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AG Higher Education Teaching and Literary Studies

Platform for discussing and creating seminars in literary studies.

The working group for Higher Education Instruction and Literary studies was established in September 2004 by students in the doctoral programme for literary studies (among them Dorothee Birke, Stella Butter, and Monika Sproll). The AG conceives of and administers courses that should, in turn, provide practical assistance to members designing their own courses, and give us space to discuss didactical questions, particularly those arising from the use of texts in literary studies seminars. The AG's homepage is populated with a large, password-protected collection of syllabi and materials from past courses, including semester plans and instructors' own course evaluations.



  • Monika Sproll
  • Ursula Arning


Founding members:

  • Dorothee Birke
  • Stella Butter
  • Monika Sproll


Contact people:


To become a member, get information on upcoming courses, or make suggestions for future events, please contact Ursula Arning.

Homepage of the AG for Higher Education Instruction and Literary Studies.



Workshop: "Teaching moments" (in German): Ideas and personal suggestions for improving higher education instruction, 14-15 November, 2008.


A report on the AG's workshop on reading texts with students, "a science in itself," with Dagmar Schulte, is available for download.