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Scientific Management of the Panel on Planetary Thinking

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*2022-2024 on leave for a fellowship at THE NEW INSTITUTE

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Frederic Hanusch is a fellow at THE NEW INSTITUTE in Hamburg and co-convener of the Earth System Governance Project’s Working Group on Democracy. He is also co-founder and scientific manager of the “Panel on Planetary Thinking” at Giessen University, Germany. His research is focused on the intersections of democracy and planetary change. He recently published a book  entitled “The Politics of Deep Time” (Cambridge University Press) to explore how planetary temporalities can be institutionalized in governance systems. Currently, he is working on "The Planetary Condition," which develops the notion of an emerging planetary paradigm. In his previous book “Democracy and Climate Change” (Routledge), he analyzed why more democracy leads to better climate performance. In addition to his academic publications, he co-authored various policy-oriented reports while working for the German Advisory Council on Global Change of the German Government (WBGU), including “Human Progress within Planetary Guard Rails. A Contribution to the SDG Debate”, “Climate Protection as a World Citizen Movement” and “Humanity on the move: Unlocking the transformative power of cities”. Before joining Giessen University, he was a research group leader at the Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies (IASS) in Potsdam, Germany. He has been awarded several scholarships, including that of the International Council of Canadian Studies for his stay as a visiting scholar at the School of the Environment of the University of Toronto, Canada. He has broadly taught on the above-mentioned topics, including an interdisciplinary MA seminar on the “Foundations of Planetary Thinking”.