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Neuer Kunstverein Gießen e.V.

Neuer Kunstverein Gießen e.V. is one of the cultural centers in the university town of Giessen. Located at the edge of the Giessen cemetery, it serves as an exhibition location and a point for artistic discussions.

The Panel's fellows in the Planetary Scholars & Artists in Residence Program have successfully realized their exhibitions and discussions with the cooperation of Neuer Kunstverein Gießen e.V.

Exhibition Planetary Forest: Bringt den Wald in den Garten © Panel on Planetary Thinking
Exhibition vibrating bodies of water & artistic discussion © Panel on Planetary Thinking

Neuer Kunstverein Gießen e.V.

Corner of Licher Str./Nahrungsberg, 35394 Giessen
Tel.: 0178 – 6604302
Opening times: Sat. 3 p.m. – 6 p.m. and by appointment