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Peppler, Klaus

Scanning Electron Microscopy

Research focus is the all solid-state battery, in particular the investigation of the morphological development of deposition and dissolution of metallic lithium, as well as its stability in contact with solid electrolytes. Applied investigation methods are scanning electron microscopy (SEM), including energy dispersive X-ray analysis (EDX). Specific preparation of cross sections through interfaces and interfacial phases with a focused ion beam (FIB).


Dr. Klaus Peppler

Institute of Physical Chemistry

Phone: +49-641-99-34505
Fax: +49-641-99-34509

Chemistry building, Heinrich-Buff-Ring 17, Room A 12


  • Energy Storage and Conversion



  • Surface Analytics


Classes of Materials:

  • Solid Electrolytes / mixed Conductors
  • Solid-State Batteries