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Adobe License Purchase

Licenses for Adobe products can be purchased under two different licensing programs. A limited range of products is available via the CLP program in the form of purchase licenses. Via the ETLA 'Point Consortium' program, the desktop applications of Creative Cloud Complete can be purchased as rental licenses as a package.

Alternatives to Adobe products

On this page we have compiled information about alternative products to Adobe software.

Rental licenses—Adobe ETLA 'Point Consortium' program

Topic Description
Current version CC (always the latest version from the manufacturer)


License program

Adobe ETLA 'Point Consortium' is a 36-month licensing program for the purchase of Creative Cloud rental licenses for participating German universities. The right to use the rental licenses is tied to the contract term.

Compared to the previous contract, licensing is now based on a named user model. This means that licenses are no longer linked to a device via a license key, but to a user account. Users can then use this account to log in to their device when starting the Adobe application in order to use the software.

For more detailed information, see the comparison of the two new license forms (further down in the text).

Software products included

Unfortunately, Adobe does not offer individual applications such as Photoshop, Indesign or Illustrator in the contract. Only the 'Creative Cloud All Apps' can be purchased as a complete package. The only exception is Adobe Acrobat Pro, which can still be purchased as an individual application.

Subscription eligibility JLU employees and facilities
License purchase Purchase via the JLU online store (JustOS)
License type Rental license (subscription)
License period 3 years (Nov. 23, 2022 to Nov. 22, 2025)
  • The annual costs for the use of the 'Creative Cloud All Apps' package (incl. Acrobat Pro) total €265.00 (gross). For the total term of 3 years, this results in a total price of €795.00 (gross).

The total price is reduced quarterly as the contract term progresses.

FAQ Here you will find frequently asked questions about the Adobe ETLA 'Point Consortium' products


Changes explained briefly and concisely

Abolition of the serial number

In the previous Adobe framework agreements, installation and activation on the computers was always carried out using a serial number. Adobe has abolished this form of licensing. After installing and starting the software, a login dialog now appears. Users need an Adobe account.

Use of Adobe software only with a user account

The new Adobe programs can only be used after entering the access data of an Adobe account. For this purpose, a login dialog opens after starting an Adobe program.

The user data that Adobe expects from you at this point is not your HRZ user ID, but a separate account that is only valid for the use of Adobe products.

JLU Giessen employees receive this user data from the HRZ after purchasing a license.

Students who wish to use Adobe on JLU Giessen pool computers also need an Adobe user account. Students can create such an account themselves at Adobe. → Create an Adobe account (students)

Comparison of the two new license forms (metrics)

Adobe basically offers two license metrics for the use of its software products. The license, i.e. the right of use, can either be linked to a person (named user) or to a device (shared device). The following table compares the two models and their suitability for specific use cases. In both cases, the software must first be installed.

License form

Named user license

Shared device license

Description This license is bound to one person, i.e. this person receives user account information from the license administrator after purchasing the license. The JLU e-mail address of the user must be entered when purchasing the license. This license is bound to one device. Any number of people can alternately log on to this device to use the Adobe software. The account that is required when using the Adobe products on the device (shared device) can be created by the user him/herself.
Suitable for

Notebook and desktop PCs on which the Adobe applications are used by one person (usually personal, business devices that are used by one person).

Pool computers on which the Adobe applications are used by several people. (Usually PC pool rooms and group workstations)



Login at application start with the Adobe user information you receive from the license administrator.

Students (for use on JLU pool computers on which Adobe products are installed)

Login at application start with the Adobe user information, which you can create yourself at Adobe.

→ Create an Adobe account

License requirement
(counting method)
1 license per person, regardless of the number of devices on which the user uses Adobe products 1 license per device, regardless of the number of people using this device in rotation


Purchase licenses - Adobe CLP program

Topic Description
Current versions See (in JLU's network)

If you are outside the JLU network, please log in first with your user ID and LDAP/network password via ezproxy:

Platforms WIN, MAC
License program The CLP (cumulative licensing program) enables the purchase of licenses at discounted prices. The purchased license includes a perpetual right to use the software. However, Adobe has removed the creative programs (Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.) from this licensing program as of 2014 and now only offers products from the 'Acrobat and Print&Publishing' area in this way.
Subscription eligibility Universities and other institutions for research & teaching

They can be purchased via the HRZ online shop in JustOS or the Hessen portal of Asknet.

License type Purchase license
License period

Validity of the contract conditions: 2 years until January 8, 2025

Use of the purchased licenses: unlimited

Download and Installation After purchasing a license via the Hessen portal of Asknet or via JustOS.