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Giessen and Environs

Giessen lies in the heart of Hesse and is surrounded by the romantic Lahn valley and rolling tree-topped hills while offering a broad range of cultural programs at the same time.

Whether you like water skiing on the nearby lakes, paddling or rowing on the Lahn River, roaming the nature reserves and recreational areas in the Vogelsberg and Wetterau, visiting medieval castles and villages, or whether you prefer the cinema, theatre, and museums - Giessen and environs have it all. We trust that you will feel quite at ease in Giessen, and wish you a profitable and stimulating stay!

The City of Giessen
With 84,000 inhabitants and 40,000 students Giessen has the highest student density of all German university towns. Giessen therefore offers a wide range of cultural activities for students and its location in the Lahn River valley amidst a picturesque landscape of rolling hills makes for high-quality leisure and recreational possibilities.
GiessenStadt Gießen
Municipal Theatre Giessen
The Giessen Municipal Theatre offers a broad repertoire of opera, musical, operetta, classical and modern drama, and modern dance theater on two stages. Check the webpages of the Giessen Municipal Theater for the online season brochure and calendar as well as tickets.
Giessen TheatreStadttheater Gießen
Mathematikum - Hands-On Mathematical Museum

The world's first hands-on mathematical museum was conceived by Albrecht Beutelspacher, professor for mathematics at Justus Liebig University. It was inaugurated in 2002. Interactive exhibits attract over 150.000 visitors each year. Get involved and experience stunning phenomena yourself!

MathematikumMathematikum Gießen
Liebig Museum
The Liebig Museum in Giessen is located in what was once Justus von Liebig's famous laboratory. The father of modern experimental chemistry taught at Justus Liebig University from 1824-1852 and gave the world baking powder, fertilizers, chloroform, and meat extract (among other important things). 
Liebig MuseumDas Liebig-Museum
District of Giessen
As soon as you leave the town of Giessen you are surrounded by a hinterland of stunning beauty. Look at the website of the District of Giessen for places to visit and things to do. 
District of GiessenDistrict of Giessen - Home
Hessenpark Open-Air Museum
Over 100 original buildings including interior from the past 400 years were painstakingly preserved at the Hessenpark, the open-air museum depicting the cultural history of Hesse. Take a stroll through streets and villages, even a whole landscape - new in composition, yet ancient and original. Watch dyers, ropemakers, wood turners, blacksmiths, farm workers and doll makers at their traditional work. Don't forget to try the exquisite bread fresh from the oven...
Saalburg/UNESCO World Heritage Limes
2000 years ago the 550 km-long Limes formed the fortified border between the Roman Empire and the territory of the Germanic tribes. Today it is safeguarded as a UNESCO world heritage and lies just outside the city gates of Giessen. Take a journey back to Roman (or - depending on the side of your approach - barbaric) times in the world's only reconstructed Roman fort and archaeological park Saalburg.


Giessen Newspapers and Magazines

Gießener Anzeiger
The Gießener Anzeiger offers regional and world-wide news as well as an ad section.
Gießener AnzeigerGießener Anzeiger
Gießener Allgemeine
The Gießener Allgemeine is another Giessen newspaper also offering regional and world-wide news. 
Gießener AllgemeineGießerner Allgemeine
Free Magazine "Express"
Up-to-date information for students on what's going on in Giessen: concerts, cinema, parties, ... Also includes an ads section. 
Magazine "Express"Express