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Language Courses

JLU Giessen offers a wide range of language courses for Erasmus+ students:

This course, which is open to all international visitors to JLU Giessen, runs for 4 weeks in August and September. The application deadline is 15 July. This course takes place only before the Winter Semester and consists of language classes (approx. 95 45-minute units of instruction), excursions, and workshops. Erasmus+ students pay a reduced fee of approx. € 570. There is guaranteed accommodation in halls of residence for the duration of the course; the room rent is not included in the course fee and must be paid extra. 4 ECTS points.

This course runs for 3 weeks in March every year. The application deadline is 15 January, and the course has a workload of 3 ECTS points. The course is designed for Erasmus+ students entering a study program in the Summer Semester.

Erasmus+ students can join German language classes free of charge during the academic semester as well. These courses likewise carry a workload of 3 ECTS points.

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Click here for an overview of all our language courses and for more detailed information.