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Applications by Exchange Students and 'Free Movers'

Application for a period of study at JLU Giessen for one or two semesters

For students on an official exchange programme:

Apply via the director of the relevant exchange program at your home university. Your program director will pass on your application documents to his/her opposite number at JLU Giessen, and will brief you on

->  how to apply

Application Deadlines:

for entry in the Winter Semester: 15 June
for entry in the Summer Semester: 15 December

PLEASE NOTE: There is a separate procedure for ERASMUS students. You can find everything you need to know about studying at JLU Giessen as an ERASMUS student on JLU's ERASMUS pages.


For Free Movers (outside of programmes, agreements or partnership contracts):


"Free Movers", i.e. non-degree-seeking students who come to JLU Giessen for only one or two semesters outside of programmes, agreements or partnership contracts, must submit their application via the application portal of Justus Liebig University Giessen. After completing the online enrolment, we will process your documents. As soon as your enrolment has been completed, you will be informed of this in your applicant portal.

Here you will find a step by step documentation of how to apply via the application portal.

The information on the following ("external") pages on the courses offered by JLU (please do not follow the instructions for online application, but the procedure described here!) will help you to fill out the application for admission.

You can find a list of classes taught in English here.

The following documents must be uploaded to the applicant portal:

  • a study certificate. This may include a regular study certificate and/or a document that proves that you may study at JLU Giessen.
  • a confirmation of supervision by a professor. Only you can request this from a professor of your subject area at JLU Giessen. You can find the names and addresses of professors on the pages of the faculties and departments. Please note that your confirmation of supervision can only be requested from a professor, not lecturers in general.
  • a school leaving certificate. This is a document certifying the successful completion of your schooling (e.g. high school).
  • your CV

The following application deadlines apply to "Free Movers":

  • for the winter semester: August 31
  • for the summer semester: February 29