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Applications by Exchange Students and 'Free Movers'

Application for a period of study at JLU Giessen for one or two semesters

For students on an official exchange programme:

Apply via the director of the relevant exchange program at your home university. Your program director will pass on your application documents to his/her opposite number at JLU Giessen, and will brief you on

->  how to apply

Application Deadlines:

for entry in the Winter Semester: 15 June
for entry in the Summer Semester: 15 December

PLEASE NOTE: There is a separate procedure for ERASMUS students. You can find everything you need to know about studying at JLU Giessen as an ERASMUS student on JLU's ERASMUS pages.


For Free Movers (outside of programmes, agreements or partnership contracts):


Before applying 

The application period for the winter semester opens via the application portal on June 1, and for the summer semester on December 1. Please do not apply before this date. 

Please check beforehand if the subject you are studying is offered at JLU by checking our website. You cannot be accepted for a subject that is not offered at JLU. You will have to inform yourself about this on your own. 

Keep in mind that as a so-called Free Mover you will have to organize your stay on your own. Although you will have a supervisor at JLU, you will not have the same support network as students on official exchange programmes. The international office ( can help you with general questions regarding your application, but not with housing, course choice, documents (Learning Agreement, arrival) or any questions concerning student networking or leisure activities. 

Application process

"Free Movers", i.e., non-degree-seeking students who come to JLU Giessen for only one or two semesters (which is maximum) outside official exchange programmes, agreements or partnership contracts, must submit their application via GUDE, the application portal of Justus Liebig University Giessen. Once we have reviewed your application, you will find your letter of admission in your inbox in the portal.

You then need to enter a request for enrolment via the portal. After completion of the online enrolment process, we will review your enrolment documents. As soon as your enrolment has been completed, you will be notified in your application portal and we will provide you with your letter of enrolment.

Here you can find a step-by-step guide on how to apply via the application portal.

The information on the following ("external")  will help you to fill out the application for admission – please do not follow the instructions for online application, but the procedure described here!

You can find a list of courses of study taught in English here and a list of classes taught in English here.

The following documents must be uploaded to the applicant portal:

  • A study certificate: This may include a regular study certificate from your home university and a document that proves that you may study at JLU Giessen.
  • A confirmation of supervision by a professor: Only you can request this from a professor of your subject area at JLU Giessen. You can find the names and addresses of professors on the pages of the faculties and departments
  • Please note that your confirmation of supervision can only be requested from a professor, not lecturers in general.
  • A school-leaving certificate: This is a document certifying the successful completion of your schooling (e.g. high school) including a German translation.
  • Your CV.

The following application deadlines apply to "Free Movers":

  • for the winter semester: August 31
  • for the summer semester: February 28

Information on your supervisor

A potential supervisor must be a professor, not a lecturer in general. Your supervisor has to confirm your stay at JLU Giessen and will help you with your course choice and also your Transcript of Records at the end of your stay.

Please only contact supervisors working in your field. Your supervisor should be teaching and conduct research in the field you are studying.

If you have contacted a professor and have not received feedback, please wait for their reply. We cannot recommend to contact professors several times. If you do not receive a feedback, there are either no capacities or someone is currently very busy and will get back to you in some time.

Courses from different Departments

You will have to discuss your course choice with your supervisor, but please keep in mind that only a maximum of two departments is possible. This rule also applies to students enrolled as exchange students. You can, for example, take courses from the department you have enrolled at and one other department, provided the teachers and your supervisors can confirm this.

Choosing courses from 2 departments other than that at which you are enrolled for is not possible, unless confirmed with the teachers and supervisors. Choosing courses from more than two Departments is not an option.

General information on life in Germany and more

Please pay attention to our German language course offer: the International Summer Course in September as well as language classes during the semester, which are offered twice a week. For all successfully completed language courses you will receive credits. For further information, please refer to our website.

Important information regarding visa:

Please find all important information regarding visa on our website.


If you wish to rent a room in a hall of residence, you need to submit your application directly to the Student Housing Administration (Studierendenwerk). On the following website you will also find more information on finding accommodation. Accommodation for freemovers cannot be guaranteed.

Living expenses and proof of financial resources:

Students need approximately € 950  a month to cover their living expenses in Germany. The largest expense is the monthly rent. This is why the final living costs for students in Giessen depend on their type of housing. Students should expect to pay the following expenses during their stay in Germany:

  • living expenses (rent, food, clothing, books, telephone, …)
  • health insurance – about € 125 per month as long as the student is still under 30. After that, the fee automatically increases to € 200 per month or more. Please also take a closer look at the health insurance certificate which students have to provide.
  • semester contributions  have to be paid every semester – approx. € 280 including public transport.

In order to get a residence permit, students from non-EU-countries are required to present proof of financial resources. This document serves as a guarantee that they can afford the cost of studying in Germany. This amount must at least be equal to the Federal Educational Assistance (BAföG) rate, which currently amounts to € 934 per month. The presumed annual requirement that must be paid into the blocked account is currently 11,208 €. We cannot recommend specific banks, but for more information on a blocked bank account please visit: