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Concerning the requirements and development goals of postdocs, JLU differentiates between the three phases of qualification, proving and decision. During their qualification phase, postdocs gain subject-specific as well as interdisciplinary experience while proving their scientific abilities. During the decision phase, postdocs develop long-term career goals and start working towards them.


Regarding the group of postdocs, Justus Liebig University has developed an ideal goal profile which is closely oriented towards the overarching human resource development goals “competence” and “motivation” as well as individual supporting offers which are geared towards the needs of postdocs in the three different phases of their work. JLU strives for an optimal qualification of postdocs so they can either choose to precede towards a professorship or an alternative career perspective– without having to lower their sights concerning an extraordinary academic orientation.


The detailed goal profile as well as further information concerning the supporting offers can be found in chapter four of the Human Resource Development strategy. You will find the entire Human Resource Development strategy here (only available in German).