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Research at JLU

Research at JLU

As a comprehensive university, Justus Liebig University Giessen encompasses all fundamental scientific disciplines in the humanities, social and cultural sciences, mathematics and natural sciences, agricultural sciences as well as veterinary and human medicine. It conducts internationally visible top-level research in several areas, which has been particularly evident since 2006 through its successes in the Excellence Initiative and Excellence Strategy. These successes are based on outstanding research achievements across the breadth of the university, successful research profile development in recent years, the targeted expansion of research infrastructures and, in particular, systematic support services for early career researchers.

The "Liebig Concept" formulates guiding strategic impulses for the expansion of cutting-edge research at JLU for the 2020s.

The Liebig Concept

JLU pursues targeted research profile development on three levels and networking with external partners with strong research capabilities. 

Profile Areas

Following its previous successes, JLU is further expanding its participation in the second round of the Excellence Strategy of the German federal and state governments. 

Excellence Strategy


Enabling successful research at JLU

Enabling successful research at JLU

At Justus Liebig University Giessen (JLU), successful research is made possible by a diverse support infrastructure. Grant proposal support plays a central role here by helping researchers to develop and submit well-founded research proposals. This includes consulting on proposal structure, budget planning and identifying suitable funding programs. Internal research funding at JLU provides funding for promising research projects that are still in the early stages of development. This funding enables researchers to collect initial data, carry out pilot studies and lay the foundations for subsequent external funding applications. Another cornerstone is the Research Information System (JLU-FIS), which provides a central location for the administration and presentation of research activities. Researchers can record their publications, projects and collaborations here, which not only improves the visibility of their own work, but also encourages networking with colleagues.

In combination, application advice, internal research funding and the JLU research information system offer comprehensive support for researchers to advance their projects, realize innovative ideas and make a sustainable contribution to the scientific community.



Current Research Activities and Cooperating Partners

JLU carries out a large number of individual and joint research projects in collaboration with various cooperation partners - from basic research to applied research. JLU's national and international collaborations include long-term partnerships as well as project-related cooperation. These diverse partnerships not only enrich research, but also make it possible to achieve a greater impact and make a positive contribution to social developments. JLU is also closely networked with regional partners at regional level through the inter-university institution Forschungscampus Mittelhessen (FCMH).