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Familie und Karriere WS 2019/20 - How to make it work: children, career and a contented life!

This Workshop will be held in English
Wann 10.12.2019
von 12:00 bis 14:00
Wo Room 315, JLU main building, Luwigstrasse 23, 35390 Giessen
Teilnehmer Junior Researchers
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Di., 10.12.2019, 12-14 Uhr st (!)

Seminarraum 315, JLU Hauptgebäude, Ludwigstraße 23

Thema: How to make it work: children, career and a contented life!

Prof. Dr. Daniela Elsner (Coaching mit Care Frankfurt)


Do you repeatedly ask yourself how you can actually make “it” all work? Do you sometimes ask yourself how you can achieve peak performance in your job whilst, at the same time, bring your own research projects to an end, frequently exchange ideas with colleagues and still be able to pick up your children at 4 pm from kindergarten? Are you looking for the key to climb the corporate ladder and still be able to look after your parents, meet your friends, and find some time for your hobbies without feeling completely stressed out?

The good news is: It is possible! You just have to learn how.

Learning how to “play” different spheres of your lives is comparable to learning a foreign language or learning how to play an instrument. To be really good at it, you a.) need to know your goals, you b.) need to learn from experts in this field, you c.). have to develop, train and apply relevant skills, techniques and strategies, you d.) need to have the right attitude.

In this workshop you will reflect upon your current and / or desired life situation as well as your professional and private goals. In individual, group and/ or partner work you will discuss and try out techniques and strategies for a better compatibility of your different life tasks. You will learn how prioritization, focusing and acceptance can improve your daily satisfaction. You will encounter effective and ineffective ways of time management, raise your awareness regarding unused resources, practice a stress management technique, and recognize the impact of the right attitude concerning your expectations regarding a satisfactory work-life balance.


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