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Frequently Asked Questions

International Day
International Day

Can I register for more than one course?

Yes! You can choose up to five courses from different areas of JLU.

Can I apply for a German course only?

In the VIP we offer German courses at A1 level in addition to the regular course programme. You can choose the German courses ONLY in combination with at least one other regular course.

Who can apply for the VIP?

The VIP is open to all students of all levels from our partner universities. The requirement is that you are currently enrolled at one of our partner universities.

I've just graduated. Can I still apply for the VIP?

You can still apply for the VIP in the final phase of your studies, but only as long as you are still enrolled.

Is the offer for free?

Yes, the VIP is free of charge for students from our partner universities.

When will I get feedback for which courses I've been accepted?

The final admission to the courses will be granted in consultation with the lecturers after the application deadline. A confirmation of acceptance will be send to you via e-mail in due time.

What is a certificate of matriculation/certificate of enrolment?

To apply for the VIP, you have to submit a certificate from your home university which proofs that you are enrolled at the time of application. This is a so-called certificate of matriculation/certificate of enrolment.

Will I receive a Confirmation of Attendance?

After successful completion of your courses, you will receive an official Transcript of Records with details of your attendance, grades, and ECTS. For successful participation, a minimum of 80% attendance in the courses is required as well as passing the final examination.

Please note that the creation of your transcript will take several weeks as the compilation of the grades takes place after the examination and assessment phase is completely finished. You will then receive your transcript by e-mail.

Can I take the exams online?

The VIP is an exclusively digital offer. All courses and exams are available in digital format.

What is my status as a VIP student?

VIP students are officially enrolled as exchange students at JLU. You will receive a matriculation number and access to all technical tools and portals at JLU.

International Day

How can I activate my account?

To activate your JLU account, you will receive two e-mails from the University that explain in detail how you can activate your account with the help of a one-time password on JLU’s website.
If you have not received the e-mail with your matriculation number, please contact .
If you have not received the account activation e-mail, please contact .

I have problems with logging in to my account.

In this case, please contact .

How do I use MS Teams and how do I register?

The registration is possible via the Microsoft Teams website, where you sign up with an e-mail address that contains your JLU User ID (“s-Kennung”) and looks like this: s******
After successful registration, you will receive a confirmation to your regular JLU e-mail address. Please also find instructions on Microsoft Teams for students here. If you have any further questions about MS Teams or need further technical support, please contact .

I already use MS-Teams with my private account, do I need another JLU-specific MS-Teams account?

Yes, please create a JLU MS-Teams account by using your student ID and the respective user name and mail address (s*****, so that your lecturers can find and add you to your courses.

More information on MS Teams and the registration process is available on this JLU-website.

My lectures and seminars take place on WebEx. Is a WebEx account necessary to participate?

You don't need an account to take part in the events via WebEx. All you need is an invitation link, which the lecturers either send by e-mail or make available in Stud.IP. After selecting the link, you will be asked for your name and e-mail address, but this does not require an account. You can find a detailed explanation of WebEx at JLU here. If not all of your questions have been answered here, please contact for further support.

What is Stud.IP and how do I register?

Stud.IP is a platform which provides access to seminar content and documents. You can also upload homework and other documents. Here you can find a video that explains in detail what Stud.IP is, how to log in, and further functions.If you still have problems logging in, you can contact the support at

When trying to register for courses in Stud.IP I received the note that registration is restricted. What should I do?

In most cases, this is due to the lecturers and the designated period of time in which students should register. Usually, you will be able to register in the first week of the semester, as soon as your lecturers activate the registration (Faculty 09 is an exception as they work with fixed registration periods). If you have not been able to access your Stud.IP courses after the first week of the semester, please contact your lecturer.

What is Flexnow and do I need to register?

As a VIP student, you do not need to register via FlexNow. The system is only intended for regular JLU students. FlexNow supports the administration of exams.

What is ILIAS and how do I use it?

ILIAS is a learning platform that enables lecturers to provide material and can be edited online by students. The registration follows the same principle as with Stud.IP with your User ID and the network password.

As a VIP student, can I use the university library?

Via JUSTfind you can search the library holdings, including online books or articles. With the JLU EZ-Proxy you can get external access to e-books and digital magazines that are available via the university network. You need your User ID and the network password to log in. If you have any questions, please contact

How do I use my university email address? Where and how do I login?

The IT Service Centre offers webmail or you can use Outlook/Thunderbird. Further information

How long can I use my university e-mail address?

Your JLU e-mail address will expire approx. 2 months after exmatriculation.

Can I change the language of Webmail from German to English?

Yes, you can change the language settings directly on the login page of Webmail Horde under settings. Once you have logged in, you can click on „Benutzereinstellungen“ ->  „Allgemeine Einstellungen“ and choose the language unter the drop down menue „wählen Sie Ihre bevorzugte Sprache“. go to Horde Webmail

I have problems with the functionality of one of JLU's web pages

Have you tried to use another browser? Usually, full functionality can be ensured by using Chrome, Safari or Firefox as a browser.