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Professur Allgemeiner Gesellschaftsvergleich

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Our team consists of researchers in various academic career stages who are pursuing different projects within an overall framework of sociology with a focus on general comparative studies (Soziologie mit dem Schwerpunkt Allgemeiner Gesellschaftsvergleich). Within this framework, the comparative focus is, first, understood as a fundamental methodology in the social sciences and the study of culture. Second, it is also understood as a heuristics applied within societies and by societal actors for reasons of meaning making, within power struggles, in order to forge alliances or to emphasize differences.

Within this general framework, our team members cover different areas in research and teaching:

  • political sociology with a focus on cultural processes in diverse world regions, such as South Africa, the U.S., the EU and Eastern Europe
  • economic sociology and the social study of finance, in particular questions of economic citizenship, the governance of security through finance, and the role of economic knowledge and expertise in contemporary society
  • the constitution, labelling and governance of social groups in contemporary societies, for instance, such labelled ‘diverse’ or ‘old age’
  • the impact of sustainability policies and rationalities on processes of economic valuation and profit-making