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us as a useless duet

"us as a useless duet" is a dance performance by and for two people. I am one and the other I do not know yet. It is an (almost) invisible performance, seen only by us who are dancing it. The piece is composed of five sessions, dispersed throughout five weeks. In each two-hour session both of us has time to make a proposal. We don’t know in advance what will happen: this duet that we make together and for ourselves is a negotiation between two desires. We will dance together, and we will research nothing. This is not a creativity exercise; it is the risk of loosing the self in the other. And yes, we will see each other every week for five weeks, for some people this is already a long-term commitment.

"us as a useless duet" is taking place in Trafo, Giessen from the 23rd of May to the 24th of June. You are all warmly invited to the closing finissage of these 5 weeks of duet-dancing on the 25th of June. There will be food, drinks, leaking of rumours and off course some dance making

25th of June
Trafo and Kuché: Moltkestrasse 11, Giessen. 
16-20 Uhr


von Catalina Insignares 

Bisherige Aufführungen

  • 25.6.2016, Abschlussprojekt , Trafo/ Kü-Ché Moltkestrasse 11