Inhaltspezifische Aktionen


Simon Bodenschatz Optimization of the readout performance of the Panda Disc DIRC 2023 i.B.*
Johannes Hampp Contributions to a future EU energy system from co-operations with the MENAT region:
A computer-based optimisation model
2022 i.B.*
İlknur Köseoğlu Development of a fast readout system for the DISC DIRC prototype of PANDA 2021
Christian Heinz Analysis of proton-proton scattering at √s = 8TeV with the ALFA sub-detector of ATLAS at the LHC 2018
Mustafa Schmidt Particle identification with the Endcap Disc DIRC for PANDA 2018
Julian Rieke Design of a compact photon detection system for the PANDA Disc DIRC 2017
Erik Etzelmüller Technical design and performance evaluation of the PANDA Disc DIRC 2017
Kristof Kreutzfeldt Messung der elastischen Streuung am LHC mit dem ALFA Detektor bei ATLAS 2015
Vitaly Zagrebelnyy Investigation of azimuthal asymmetries related to transverse-momentum dependent parton distribution and fragmentation functions 2015
Irina Brodski Analyse harter exklusiver Streuprozesse des HERMES Recoil Experiments 2014
Oliver Merle Design und Entwicklung von DIRC Cherenkov Detektoren für das PANDA Experiment 2015
Roberto Perez Benito Exclusive rho0 Production measured with the HERMES Recoil Detector 2010
Weilin Yu Beam-Helicity Azimuthal Asymmetry measured with the Recoil Detector in exclusive electroproduction of real photons at HERMES 2009
Tibor Keri Detection of exclusive reactions in the HERMES Recoil Fiber Tracker 2008
Shaojun Lu Measurement of the strange quark contribution to the proton spin using neutral kaons at HERMES 2007
Matthias Hoek Design and Construction of a Scintillating Fibre Tracker for Measuring Hard Exclusive Reactions at HERMES 2006
Lukas Rubacek Search for the Pentaquark States in Lepton-Nucleon Scattering at HERMES 2006


*) i.B.: in Bearbeitung