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Kosovo Ackervegetation

Arable weed vegetation and ecology of weeds in three municipalities of the Kosovo.

Scientist involved: Msc. Agr. Arben Mehmeti, PD Dr. Rainer Waldhardt, Prof. Dr. Adem Demaj (University of Prishtina)

Project period: 2006-2007

Keywords: Arable weeds, ecology, agriculture, weed management, germination traits of weeds

The project aims to provide urgently needed data on the weed vegetation and on the population ecology of predominating weed species in the Kosovo and to relate this information to land use practices and environmental characteristics. The investigation methods include (A) field surveys of the weed vegetation and their site conditions in cultivated fields of three pre-selected study areas, (B) field experiments with respect to the population biology of three selected species, and related (C and D) germination experiments in climate chambers and under field conditions. The field survey and the field experiments are conducted in the Kosovo, the germination experiments in climate chambers at the University of Giessen (Germany). In the (E) data analysis, modern methods and PC-software that is available at the University of Giessen will be applied.

German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)
University of Prishtina