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GGL Career Day 2023

The upcoming GGL Career Day will take place on Thursday, March 16, 2023.

What can you expect?

  • Talks of GGL Alumni sharing personal insights into their personal careers
  • Discussions with companies about current job profiles
  • A look at the academic job market
  • CV Checks in German or English

Our speakers will report on their career paths and their work in industry, public authorities and in the university environment. They will give their tips on career planning, present their everyday work and current employers and a recruiter will explain how companies search for young talents.

We will explore how new professional opportunities have developed from the Covid pandemic. The topics will also include science management, research and development in industry, and crisis management in the public health sector. You can also learn how to get your research funded if you stay in academia.


Please register to join this year's career day and mention, whether you would like your CV to be checked.


Meet our Speakers

Beforehand, please take a look at our Speakers. Many of them are GGL alumni and will report us about their career path.



The programme of the GGL Career Day 2023 will bring together alumni in industry, academia and governmental institutions. Check out our schedule and who is coming! Please click here for more.


Special Services

In addition to the main programme of talks by alumni and recruiting experts, registered participants will have access to the following oportunities:

Both the CV Checks in German and English language are fully booked. There are no free spots available any more.

  • CV Check German
  • CV Check English                                                        

Please click here for more.