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Human Movement Analytics - Biomechanics, Motor Control, and Learning

Master of Science (M.Sc.)


Englischer Studiengang

This course of study is taught in English.

Sport studieren an der JLU

The Master's study programme ‘Human Movement Analytics - Biomechanics, Motor Control, and Learning (Master of Science)’ imparts knowledge and competencies based on basic research in movement science, biomechanics, and neuroscience; it develops methodological competencies; and it opens up advanced research opportunities in the fields of movement analytics, biomechanics, behavioural science, and neurophysiologically oriented motor research. The curriculum focuses on the theoretical and methodological foundations for analysing human motion. The study programme gives students the opportunity to acquire competencies that will enable them to address basic and applied questions on the highest scientific level in health care and competitive sports, in orthopaedic and neurological rehabilitation, in ergonomics, and in occupational science.

Starting in winter semester 21/22, the Human Movement Analytics - Biomechanics, Motor Control, and Learning (HMA: BMCL) degree programme will be offered in English as a continuation of the previous Biomechanics - Motor Skill - Human Motion Analytics (BMB) degree programme.


Target Group

Entry qualifications for the Master’s programme in Human Movement Analytics - Biomechanics, Motor Control, and Learning are a Bachelor’s degree in the field of sports science (with either a health science or technical orientation), biomedical engineering (or medical engineering), or physiotherapy. B.Sc. graduates from cognitive science and biology (with a focus on human biology) can also apply. Teaching degrees in sport combined with mathematics, physics, or computer science are recognized as adequate. For other Bachelor’s degrees, the examination board will individually check whether they meet the entry requirements. In cases in which previous degree programmes reveal major deficits in individual areas, one possible option is to take courses from the Bachelor’s degree programme Physical Activity and Health at Justus Liebig University in order to compensate accordingly. In summary, the following degree programmes provide automatic access to the Master’s degree programme in Human Movement Analytics - Biomechanics, Motor Control, and Learning:

  • ‘Physical Activity and Health’ and sports science degree programmes with a health science or technical focus
  • Biomedical engineering
  • Physiotherapy
  • Biology (with a focus on human biology)
  • Cognitive science
  • Teaching degrees in sport combined with mathematics, physics, or computer science



Study Programme

Regelstudienzeit: 4 Semester


4 Semester - 120 Credits Points



Master of Science (MSc)

Duration of studies

4 semesters – 120 credit points (cp)


Composition of degree programme

 The study programme comprises three ‘tracks’ to be completed in the first two semesters and studied in more depth in the third semester within the framework of profile modules. The fourth semester is then available for working on the Master’s thesis.


Data Analysis and Statistics (Track 1) comprises the following modules:

  • Applied Mathematics (6 CP)
  • Specific Data Analysis (6 CP)

The contents of this track are strongly application-oriented and focus on the acquisition of competencies in computer-assisted data analysis.


Biomechanics and Neuromotor Control (Track 2):

  • Biomechanics I (6 CP)
  • Biomechanics II (9 CP)
  • Computational Principles of Motor Control (6 CP)
  • Cognitive Neuroscience of Action (6 CP)

Students acquire basic and in-depth knowledge of physical relationships in the dynamics and kinematics of human movements and of the organization of movement processes, especially from the areas of motor control and learning. They learn specific aspects of motor control from a behavioural, biomechanical, physiological, and neuroscientific perspective and how these relate to each other.


Movement Analytics (Track 3) includes the following focal points:

  • Computer Programming in Human Movement Analytics (6 CP)
  • Metrological Principles of Human Movement Analysis (6 CP)
  • Movement-Specific Measurement Methods (9 CP)

In the Movement Analytics track, students acquire competencies in gathering data on movement characteristics using different methodological approaches.


Profile and electives modules

In the third semester, students must complete two profile modules (9 CP each) and two elective modules (6 CP each). The profile modules use measurement projects to address topics from Tracks 1–3 in greater theoretical and practical depth. Elective modules in the natural and health sciences as well as in the methodological field can be selected from the courses offered by the Justus Liebig University and, if applicable, other universities. Due to the fact that profile and elective modules can be combined very variably, the third semester can be used very effectively for a semester abroad, because recognition can be granted to a relatively broad range of different contents of courses at other universities.


Master Thesis

Students write their Master’s thesis (30 CPs) in the final semester. We support the writing of so-called external Master’s theses that are completed in external institutions (clinics, authorities, industry).


Start WS-engl: Commencement of studies

Commencement of Studies

Only possible in the winter semester.


Application Procedure

Depending on where you obtained either your university entrance certificate or your Bachelor degree, we differentiate two application procedures:

Case A

You need to use JLU’s application portal if

  • you hold a completed Bachelor’s degree obtained at a German university (the country of origin of your university entrance certificate is of no importance).
  • your German Bachelor programme is not yet complete. Please provide a preliminary report. The country of origin of your university entrance certificate is of no importance.
  • you want to change to another degree programme at JLU. The country of origin of your university entrance certificate is of no importance.

Case B

You need to submit your application to uni-assist if

  • you hold a completed Bachelor’s degree obtained at a foreign university (the country of origin of your university entrance certificate is of no importance).
  • you obtained your university entrance certificate abroad and attended but not completed yet a Bachelor programme at any other university within EU. Please provide a preliminary report.
Application: deadline, intake capacity, fees

Intake capacity ("Numerus Clausus")

The intake capacity of this degree programme is not limited internally by the university.



  • Application for enrolment starts
    • for applicants with a German Bachelor's: June 1
    • for applicants with an international Bachelor's degree: May 1
  • Application deadline: June 15



No study fees are charged for this study program. However, students have to pay a semester contribution of approx. 300 EUR for administration and semester tickets (details).

Application: Admission requirements

Admission requirement

Applicants must hold a Bachelor’s degree with at least 180 ECTS points, obtained in one of the following scientific fields:

  • Physical Activity and Health (Bewegung und Gesundheit, JLU Giessen)
  • Biomedical engineering or medical engineering (including modules completed in human biology, human physiology as well as biomechanics)
  • Sports and Technology
  • Physical therapy
  • Psychology
  • Cognitive sciences
  • Behavioral sciences
  • Neuroscience
  • Biology (including modules completed in human biology and human physiology) or
  • Teacher training programmes in sports combined with mathematics, physics or computer science

The board of examiners can recognize degrees in addition to the above.


All applicants must go through a two-stage application process.


Stage 1: Check of formal requirements 

  • language requirements (see below for details)
  • average grade in Bachelor’s programme
    • applicants with an average grade of 0,7-2,5 (or 15,0-9,5 points) are considered for stage 2 without further documents.
    • applicants with an average grade of 2,6-3,0 (or 9,3-8,0 points) must prove their eligibility by handing in additional documents such as practical experience or completed projects in biomechanics, orthopaedic technology, neuroscience of behavioural science.


Stage 2: Online interview

  • personal motivation for the programme (max. 3 points)
  • experience and knowledge of the fields of human movement, biomechanics, cognitive neuroscience,… (max. 3 points)
  • presentation of Bachelor’s thesis (max. 9 points)

Applicants who reached at least 12 points in stage 2 can enrol into the HMA programme.


Application: Language requirements

Language requirements

Language requirements for Human Movement Analytics: Biomechanics, Motor Control, and Learning (HMA:BMCL) As the entire course of study is taught in English, applicants must provide proof of sufficient English language skills. Applicants must reach at least a level of proficiency corresponding to level B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Although level C1 is considered as helpful, it is not mandatory. The proficiency level can be certified as follows:

  • School reports: English language skills must be documented over at least 6 years, up to the degree which entitles university entrance.
  • or TOEFL Test iBT (internet-based test) with at least 72 points; TOEFL Test IPT Level 1 with at least 543 points; TOEFL Test pBT with at least 543 points.
  • or IELTS with at least 5.5 average mark.
  • or PTE academic with at least 75 points.
  • or TOEIC with at least 784 points.
  • or Cambridge IGCSE with at least B2 level.
  • or telc with at least B2 level.
  • or UNIcert II with at least B2 level.
Further information-admission international

For further information please contact:

Registrar’s Office / Studierendensekretariat
Goethestrasse 58
Postal address: Postfach 11 14 40, 35359 Giessen
Tel.: 0641/99-16400

Occupational Fields


Occupational fields

 Professional fields that are open to graduates of this Master’s programme include:

  • Neurological clinics
  • Research institutions
  • Orthopaedics and rehabilitation technology
  • Sports equipment development
  • Occupational science/Ergonomics
  • Media
  • Independent developers of control and diagnostic devices in the field of sports


Nach erfolgreichem Masterabschluss ist ein Promotionsstudium möglich. Hierdurch ergeben sich weitere Karrieremöglichkeiten.

Informationen zur Promotion


International Giessen Graduate Centre for the Life Sciences

Further Information


Course Specific Academic Counselling ("Studienfachberatung")

Human Movement Analytics - Biomechanics, Motor Control, and Learning (englischsprachig)

Department of Sports Science at JLU
Kugelberg 62, D-35394 Giessen


Prof. Dr. Jörn Munzert
 +49 (0)641 - 99 25220/-1

Prof. Dr. Hermann Müller
+49 (0)641 - 99 25230/-1

Anja Staffler - engl

Central Study Advisor (JLU)

Anja Staffler (Dipl. oec.troph.)

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