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BIONPROVE is a web application specifically designed to ease administrative tasks within a core unit / facility. It aims at improvement of internal procedures as well as providing an interface for users of our MRI scanner.

BIONPROVE offers project administration and their associated users. A key feature is a resource planner (scheduler). Here, users can schedule measurement appointments and view bookings for their projects.

For administrative staff, BIONPROVE contains functions to generate statistics and create bills from entries in the scheduler. In addition, it allows recording of error reports and their specific solutions (tickets).
Quality Control
BIONPROVE records quality measures for all data acquired at our MRI scanner.

All quality information is visible to users associated to the projects for which the measurements took place. Overview plots allow for quick identification of bad measurements or excessive movement within functional runs.

Administrators can view all QA measures for comparison of projects or sequence parameters (e.g. repetition time, voxel size, etc.).
The scheduler module of BIONPROVE allows to schedule time slots for multiple resources, appointment category (e.g. study or testing) for projects users are associated to.

BIONPROVE checks for possible conflicts with other projects or resources.

Administrators can create resource usage statistics from entries in the scheduler directly via the Billing functionality of BIONPROVE
List of Features
  • Scheduler: creating appointments / reservations for resources
  • Scan sessions: show data acquired and associated quality control. Allows cross project QA for administrators.
  • Participants data base for reqruitement
  • Billing and Resource statistics
  • Tickets/Error reports
  • Timekeeping
  • Stimulus database framework for images, videos, audio
  • QC Protocols: record standard procedures, repeated tasks, etc.
Technical Details
BIONPROVE is based on CakePHP 3, a PHP based server side Model View Controller (MVC) framework and stores information in a MySQL/MariaDB database application.
Ongoing Development
BIONPROVE is under continuous development and improvement.
At the time of this writing, there is no release schedule or similar.
Can I have it?
Yes, but only upon request at the moment. Please contact if you are interested.