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Projects, Cooperations, and Publications

Current Projects located at the BION

INDIVISUAL (ERC Starter Grant, PI: Benjamin deHaas, PhD)


SFB TRR 135: Kardinale Mechanismen der Wahrnehmung: Prädiktion, Bewertung, Kategorisierung.


DFG-Forschergruppe FOR 2974 „Affective and cognitive mechanisms of specific Internet-use disorders (ACSID). Teilprojekt (PI: Prof. Dr. Tim Klucken, Prof. Dr. Rudolf Stark)

"Children Of Mentally Ill Parents at Risk Evaluation" (COMPARE). BMBF. PI: Prof. Dr. Rudolf Stark.

„Study to Evaluate the Safety, Tolerability, and Pharmacokinetics of BIIB101 Administered to Adults With Multiple System Atrophy“ (HORIZON, PI: Dr. Carla Eggert)

„PLannning, Experimental, and Analysis SUpport in REsearch“ kurz PLEASURE (DFG, PI: Prof. Dr. Rudolf Stark)

Cooperating Sites and Departments

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Other subject areas (FB11, FB10)


External Departments



We closely cooperate with our sibling: Brain Imaging Unit Marburg.

Selected Recent Publications

Hermann, A., Neudert, M. K., Schäfer, A., Zehtner, R. I., Fricke, S., Seinsche, R. J., & Stark, R. (2021). Lasting effects of cognitive emotion regulation: neural correlates of reinterpretation and distancing. Social cognitive and affective neuroscience, 16(3), 268–279.

Braun, U., Harneit, A., Pergola, G., Menara, T., Schäfer, A., Betzel, R. F., Zang, Z., Schweiger, J. I., Zhang, X., Schwarz, K., Chen, J., Blasi, G., Bertolino, A., Durstewitz, D., Pasqualetti, F., Schwarz, E., Meyer-Lindenberg, A., Bassett, D. S., & Tost, H. (2021). Brain network dynamics during working memory are modulated by dopamine and diminished in schizophrenia. Nature communications, 12(1), 3478.

Braun, U., Schaefer, A., Betzel, R. F., Tost, H., Meyer-Lindenberg, A., & Bassett, D. S. (2018). From Maps to Multi-dimensional Network Mechanisms of Mental Disorders. Neuron, 97(1), 14–31.