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Software/Code for Users

BION Analysis Tools (BIONAT)

BION Analysis Tools (short BIONAT) is a Python3 package
mostly used for data management purposes.

Key features are

  • Check for incoming data (i.e. DICOM files)
  • Convert DICOM data to NIFTI where applicable
  • Name NIFTI files according to the Brain Imaging Data Structure (BIDS)
  • Run quality control procedures on the files, including typical physical (signal to noise etc.) as well as
  • head motion parameters.
  • Provide QA data to users via BIONPROVE

During conversion, incoming data is thoroughly checked against definable criteria.

BION Analysis Tools Extension (BIONATEXT)

The BIONATEXT package is a set of
convenience code from different programming languages
to make data analysis easier.

Mostly written in Matlab, it currently contains

  • SPM convenience functions
  • Code to access physiological measurement unit (PMU) data
  • Code to access BrainVision Recorder file format
Code Collection

Am BION werden auch Entwicklungen unserer Nutzer gesammelt. Dies beinhaltet


  • Code von Experimenten (z.B. Presentation)
  • Analyse-Code (z.B. Matlab)
Programming Tutorials

BIONAT, BIONATEXT and BIONPROVE are developments by BION staff members. All are available on our Wiki (only for users). There is also a collection of Matlab LiveScripts that give a basic introduction to programming.


It is basically possible to create programs for analyzes on request.


For questions on all points, please send an email to BION Staff.