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Data Management

Data Management
We offer data management for all our users.
To accomplish this, we do mostly automatic data handling including

  • transfer of data to our primary storage server
  • each project has own folder
  • users can access their own projects only

Recent developments in the neuroscientific research field and data security considerations were respected during construction of our system to make us sustainable.
Data Storage
After transfer of data into each project’s storage space, data conversion from DICOM to NIFTI is done.

Subsequently, data are laid out according to the Brain Imaging Data Structure (BIDS) to ease development of analysis code which can be used in several projects without large adaptation and to support code and data sharing.

Projects have their own space (several TB) to do data analysis etc.
Quality Control
Within the scope of our data management, all MRI data is subject to automatic quality control procedures.
Users can access QA information from either their project’s folder or BIONPROVE’s pages.
Data Analysis
Users can access our compute server/node via Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). The hardware of our compute server is sufficient to do the "daily brain imaging stuff":

  • Debian Linux
  • 36 CPU cores
  • 384 GB main memory
and it has a fast connection to our data server for analysis.
Analysis Software
Software packages frequently used in MRI data analysis are available, including

  • Matlab
  • SPM
  • FSL
  • FreeSurfer
Upon user request this can be extended where necessary and possible. Where possible, we keep past versions of the software for future reference.
Data management plan
A data management plan is also available to users for further details about our internal treatment of our data. The most recent version can be requested from us.