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Equipment and Support

MR Coils and Equipment

MR coils


  • 64 channel head-neck coil

  • 20 channel head-neck coil

  • TxRx CP head coil

  • Body 18 coil for abdomen, torso, and pelvis

  • small and large flex coils



  • EEG amplifier for simultaneous acquisition of (f)MRI and EEG

  • eye camera (eye movements)

  • MR suitable response boxes (1, 2, 4 keys)

  • Amplifier for other biosignals (SCR, EMG, motion, etc.)

  • Electrical stimulator

  • 32 inch monitors for visual stimulus presentation

  • eye glasses for correction of ametropia

  • Hi-fi ear phones

MR Sequences

 In addition to standard sequences, we offer the following measurement techniques

  • Arterial Spin Labeling (ASL)

  • Multiband/Multislice EPI

  • 1H MR-Spektroskopie (Single Voxel Spectroscopy (SVS)

  • GABA-Spectroscopy (MEGA-PRESS)
  • WIP-Sequences

Study support

The BION staff provides users with MRI data acquisition training (@MR scanner).

In addition, users can make use of our support in

  • Grant writing: in particular methods sections
  • MR sequence setup
  • Technical setup of periphals and stimulus presentation devices
  • Experiment development
  • Data processing and analysis
  • Statistics

We provide support for multiple analysis packages used in the neuroscience field, in particular SPM, FSL, FreeSurfer, etc.



Storage and computing resources are available to users as part of our data managment.

Contact us for details