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Dr. Sarah Robinson

Sarah Robinson

Focal points of interest:

Pastoral land tenure

Livestock production systems

Rangeland ecology and management

Central Asia and the Caucasus



Phone: +33 780359360

La Cousteille 09400 Saurat, France

Personal details

Dr Sarah Robinson is a Research Associate in the Department of Agricultural Policy and Market Research at Justus Liebig University in Giessen, and affiliated with the SDGnexus project. Her research interests focus on rangeland and livestock production systems in the former Soviet Union, including migratory pastoralism; wildlife-livestock interactions in rangelands and environmental change. Dr Robinson has also conducted extensive research into pastoral land tenure in Central Asia and the Caucuses and is currently using farm survey data to examine livestock production systems in the region. She has worked as a consultant in livestock and land tenure for the Asian Development Bank, the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations, and The German Agency for International Development Cooperation, as well as for a number of NGOs. She has worked on research and policy development as an employee based in Central Asia for the Aga Khan Foundation and in Papua New Guinea for Oxfam. She is former visiting researcher at the Interdisciplinary Centre for Conservation Science at the University of Oxford and holds a PhD in Biological Sciences from Warwick University in the UK.



Curriculum Vitae (Pdf)