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Maaike Hommes (MA Cultural Analysis)

Research Interests

  • Critical Embodiment
  • (critical) Medical Humanities
  • Intersectional Feminist Theory
  • Disability / Crip / Queer Theory
  • Psychoanalysis / Psychosomatics
  • History of Psychiatry
  • History of Medicine

  • Maaike Hommes, "On Speaking Felt Things", in: Errant Journal #3 DISCOMFORT, Spring/Summer 2022.
  • Maaike Hommes, "Het is Anders - Kanker en de Macht van een Verhaal", in: De Nederlandse Boekengids, (14 Jan 2021, 2021/1). Online/Print.
  • Maaike Hommes, "Feeling (for) the Other? Fiction, Empathy, and the Critical Medical Humanities" [Review of: Anne Whitehead: Medicine and Empathy in Contemporary British Fiction: An Intervention in Medical Humanities. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press Ltd, 2017.], in: KULT_Online (2020/62). 
  • Maaike Hommes, "To Love and Not to Smother - Aliens, Love and Reproduction in Denis Villeneuve's Arrival (2016) and Christopher Nolan's Interstellar (2014)". In: Diffractions (2020/2) 24-45.
  • Maaike Hommes, "Schrijven aan de Afgrond", in: De Nederlandse Boekengids (2020/1), print.
  • Maaike Hommes, "Curing Sexual Desire with the Lust Enhancing Pill for Women: Where Medicine Meets Normality", in: Feminist Spaces (2017/3.2), 127-146.

  • Seminar "Interdisciplinary Engagements: Gender and Diversity in Medicine/Psychiatry" WiSe 2021/2022, Funded by Büro für Chancengleichheit, JLU. 
  • Co-Taught Seminar "Reacting to the Virus at Viruses in 20th- and 21st-Century British and US-American Culture", with dr. Alexander Scherr. Wintersemester 2020/2021, Anglistik, JLU. 
  • 'Introducing Body Talk and Affect Theory', IPP Workshop 08-12-2020, IPP, JLU. 

  • Guest Editor Special Issue of On_Culture, together with Silvia Boide (GCSC), Melanie Kreitler (GCSC), Benjamin Brendel (university of Marburg). "Illness, Narrated", On_Culture, issue 11 (summer 2021).

Research Areas / Emerging Topics Research Groups at the GCSC:

Emerging Topic Research Group: Interfaces of the Study of Culture and Life Sciences (Speaker)

Research Area 3: Cultural Transformation and Performativity Studies

Research Area 9: Ecology and the Study of Culture


At Other Academic Institutions:

Visiting Researcher at ASCA (Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis) / University of Amsterdam

History Health and Healing / Huizinga Instituut

Association for Medical Humanities