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Additional Support

Individual Support

The pursuit of a PhD encompasses more than writing a dissertation. The GCSC promotes a holistic perspective on the PhD and postdoctoral career stages. Such intense and long-term endeavours are not only academically and intellectually demanding; they also often bring about additional challenges on a social, physical or psychological level.

Mental Health during the PhD

We are aware that pursuing a PhD is a particular challenge, which can have effects on your mental health as well as your social life. Anxiety about the future, procrastination, writer’s block etc. are – to a certain extent – ‘normal’ aspects of this challenge. However, they can also be the first signs or already serious symptoms of a mental health issue like depression or burnout. At the GCSC, we want to raise awareness of this and support you if needed. To this end, we offer regular workshops on topics like resilience and stress management.

Support for International Members

The GCSC seeks to support its international members in all queries arising in connection to their PhD studies. This includes your stay in Giessen and Germany and your status as an official PhD student of the Justus-Liebig-University and as member of our centre.

Equal Opportunities Committee

The Equal Opportunities Committee (EOC) works in accordance with the concepts of gender equity and equal access to academic careers regardless of ethnic, cultural, geographical and social backgrounds, ability and health, as well as sexual and gender identity. It aims at furthering equal opportunities regarding the awarding of scholarships, staffing policies and organisational hierarchies.

Combining Career & Family

Scholars with children face manifold challenges in successfully aligning their PhD with parenthood. In this central stage of their career, doctoral students not only need free time for their PhD, but also have to participate in conferences and write publications or teach.