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Unstable Planetary Spaces

July 6th 2023 - July 11th 2023 - Exhibition"Unstable Planetary Spaces"


*In Cooperation with Kunsthalle Gießen*

Date Location Participation

Opening/ Artist's Talk:
July 6th 2023
6 pm/6:30 pm

Guided Tour:
July 07th 2023
4 pm

Kunsthalle Gießen

Berliner Platz 1
35390 Gießen


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Unstable Planetary Spaces 

From the shrinking of the mega-lake Chad due to climate change to the irradiated Fukushima exclusion zone caused by the nuclear fallout in Japan 2011, Unstable Planetary Spaces explores how artists and activists are dealing with some of the most challenging durational disasters.

A detailed report of the exhibition can be found here.



Jason Waite (Fellow in the Planetary Scholars & Artists in Residence Program 2023, Don't Follow the Wind)

Adenike Titilope Oladosu (Fellow in the Planetary Scholars & Artists in Residence Program 2023, I Lead Climate Action)

Eva & Franco Mattes (Don't Follow the Wind)

Ahmet Öğüt (Don't Follow the Wind)


Adenike Titilope Oladosu

Adenike Titilope Oladosu is an ecofeminist, ecoreporter, and climate justice leader based in Abuja, Nigeria. She is the founder of I Lead
Climate Action Initiative that advocates for a green democracy across Africa and the restoration of Lake Chad using remote sensing tools. She specializes in peace, security, and equality in Africa, especially the Lake Chad region. She has showcased her climate action in both international and local forums, and is Fellow of the Panel on Planetary Thinking.


Don't Follow the Wind

Don’t Follow the Wind is a collective of artists and curators (Chim↑Pom, Kenji Kubota, Jason Waite, Eva & Franco Mattes) running a long-term project inside the inaccessible and radioactive Fukushima exclusion zone. The exhibition of 12 new artist commissions collaborating with displaced residents that host the projects in their abandoned homes in the zone opened in 2015 but can’t yet be seen as the zone remains closed to the public.

Jason Waite is a curator and researcher based in the UK and a Fellow of the Panel on Planetary Thinking.

Eva & Franco Mattes are an artist duo based in New York, part of the collective and also participating artists in Don’t Follow the Wind.

Ahmet Öğüt born in Diyarbakır, is a sociocultural initiator, artist, and lecturer based in Amsterdam, Istanbul and Berlin, he is a participating artist in Don’t Follow the Wind.

The full exhibition program can be found here.