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Fluorescent Drosophila suzukii (commonly called the spotted wing drosophila or SWD)

Bacteria algae symbioses in algae ponds for alternative wastewater treatment

GreenJLU - Citizen Science Platform for Nature Observations on Campus

Flow paths in a soil column irrigated with wastewater from the Mezquital Valley north of Mexico City

"Water Day" at the Dill near Ehringshausen

An international, interdisciplinary team of researchers led by Prof. Dr. Christoph Müller is on an expedition in the Brazilian rainforest from August 26 to September 24, 2023

Addressing the challenges of sustainable agriculture and climate change in partnership

Genetic diversity in the sorghum breeding garden of the Chair of Plant Breeding at LFE Groß Gerau

Synthetic fibers and tire abrasion influence corals