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PriMa Events

PriMa offers the following types of training courses:

  • interdisciplinary or extradisciplinary ones
    "Interdisciplinary" qualifications are those which serve to generate scientific results or to process them, but which cannot be assigned to a specific field of research. These can be, for example, research-specific software competencies. "Extradisciplinary" qualifications include so-called soft skills, e.g. communication, career planning, project management as well as basic economic and legal knowledge. 
    Current PriMa events in this field.
  • The scientific methods and research objectives united under the framework of the ZfM/LaMa are in particular the focus of subject-specific events. The aim is to promote the interdisciplinary research of the groups involved in the Center.
    The PriMa doctoral platform organizes and lists those ZfM/LaMa events that are specifically aimed at young researchers (doctoral students, postdocs, master students).
    Current PriMa events for subject-specific qualification.

    Of course, the general scientific seminars and colloquia of the ZfM/LaMa can usually also be attended by all interested young scientists of the participating groups.

If you have any suggestions for future graduate training events at ZfM/LaMa, please contact  directly (Physics Building Room 233, extension -33602).