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Organic Materials / Polymers

Organic Materials / Polymers
Bielefeld, Anja
Modelling and data analysis of electrochemical systems, focusing on microstructures in solid-state batteries
Chatterjee, Sangam
Spectroscopy and Optics
Gatti, Teresa
Functional composite materials for optoelectronics
Henß, Anja
Interface Analytics of Energy-Storage Materials
Mollenhauer, Doreen
Theoretical Chemistry, Material modelling, Modelling of Nanomaterials
Richter, Felix
Hybrid materials for electrochemical energy storage
Sanna, Simone
Theoretical Condensed Matter Spectroscopy
Schindler, Siegfried
Coordination Chemistry
Schirmeisen, André
Atomic Force Microscopy, Nanotribology and Ion Conduction
Schlettwein, Derck
Molecular Materials
Schreiner, Peter R.
Physical Organic Chemistry
Wegner, Hermann A.
Organic synthesis and molecular materials
Wende, Raffael C.
Peptide Synthesis and Organocatalysis