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Becker, Martin
Thin-Film Technology
Chatterjee, Sangam
Spectroscopy and Optics
Dürr, Michael
Dynamics of surface reactions
Elm, Matthias
Nanoionics and Nanoelectronics
Heiliger, Christian
Condensed Matter Theory
Henning, Torsten
Micro and Nanostructure Physics
Hofmann, Detlev
Physical Analytics of the Solid State
Klar, Peter J.
Physics of Micro and Nanostructures
Müller, Eckhard
Thermoelectric Materials
Polity, Angelika
Functional Thin Layers
Sanna, Simone
Theoretical Condensed Matter Spectroscopy
Schlettwein, Derck
Molecular Materials
Schörmann, Jörg
Thin-Film Technology
Schreiner, Peter R.
Physical Organic Chemistry