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Solid Electrolytes / mixed Conductors

Solid Electrolytes / mixed Conductors
Becker, Martin
Thin-Film Technology
Bielefeld, Anja
Modelling and data analysis of electrochemical systems, focusing on microstructures in solid-state batteries
Dietzel, Dirk
Atomic Force Microscopy, Nanotribology and Ion Conduction
Elm, Matthias
Nanoionics and Nanoelectronics
Henß, Anja
Interface Analytics of Energy-Storage Materials
Janek, Jürgen
Physical Chemistry of Solids and Solid State Ionics
Luerßen, Bjoern
Physical chemistry of solids - solid state ionics and electrochemistry
Mollenhauer, Doreen
Theoretical Chemistry, Material modelling, Modelling of Nanomaterials
Over, Herbert
Surface Chemistry and Model Catalysis
Peppler, Klaus
Scanning Electron Microscopy
Polity, Angelika
Functional Thin Layers
Rohnke, Marcus
Biomaterials, Plasmas & ToF-SIMS
Sann, Joachim
Thin-Film Methods for electrochemical Energy Storage
Schirmeisen, André
Atomic Force Microscopy, Nanotribology and Ion Conduction
Smarsly, Bernd
Advanced Functional Nanomaterials