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Student Identification Card


As the card contains your picture, it can serve to identify you as a student of JLU.

This status qualifies you for discounts at various facilities (museums, etc.) and stores in Germany. Sometimes you will also have to show the updated semester certificate (Studienbescheinigung, you can print this out when you update your ID card).

If you would like to identif yourself as a student of JLU abroad you will have to apply for an international student ID card (ISIC). The Studentenwerk Gießen can issue the ISIC, for example. Further information can be found on the web pages of  ISIC

Some students get confused about the ID card number consisting of 12 digits. This is not your matriculation number.

Your matriculation number consists of the last seven digits of your ID card number. Chipkartennummer und Matrikelnummer

You will often be asked to give your matriculation number (when sitting exams, in seminars, etc.).

Please make sure that you have your student ID card at hand when you sit an exam, therefore. JLU can ensure in this way that you are the person sitting the exam and not somebody else. 

Library Card

On the back of your ID card is a barcode encoding your library card number. This allows the quick allocation of the data for your borrowed books to your library account. The library card number corresponds to your ID card number and is additionally printed above the barcode.Barcode

This library card number (without hyphens) is entered together with your UNIX-password for online-access to your library account (e.g. to extend the deadline for borrowing a book, etc.).

Please remember that you can use this library card number only for libraries of JLU Giessen. In order to borrow books from other libraries you can use the inter-library loan service (Fernleihe).