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Accommodation in a Student Hall of Residence / Private Accommodation

Students on official exchange programmes are guaranteed a place in a student hall of residence. As an alternative, you can look for private accommodation on this page.


Accomodation in a hall of residence

You can apply for a room in one of our halls of residence by following a link you will get from us after your online registration and once you have been nominated by your home institution.

Please do NOT use the online application form for German students supplied by Student Services. Use of the latter form will only cause confusion. Only when you apply both for a place at JLU and for accommodation on our online application portal you have guaranteed accommodation.
Rent (including utilities, internet access, and linen):

Part 2

Rental period Rental price
Security deposit
under two months

One week - 7 days = €275.90

Two weeks - 14 days = €371.00

Three weeks - 21 days = €468.00

Four weeks - 28 days = €564.00


* For the fifth to seventh week, an additional € 141.00 per week is charged. From the eighth week onwards the rental price is  €431.00 per month.

one-time payment of  €250
two to twelve months €431 per month


Part 2

Private rooms to let / Flat exchange

Below you can find a list of private rooms to let (often from outgoing students for incoming students). Please note that we cannot verify offers. We are neither responsible for the availability of the rooms nor the consequences of renting a room. Please contact the landlord directly for details.

- Intermediate rent: Furnished flatshare room 20qm / 01.01.2024 – 30.05.2024

- Intermediate rent: Furnished room 25qm / 01.09.2024 – 01.02.2025


Part 4

Further options for finding private apartments and rooms are the local papers:

The classifieds appear in the friday edition of the Giessen dailies ("Allgemeine" and "Anzeiger") and every thursday on "Giessener Express". In almost all of the main hallways, cafeterias, and restaurants of the University, you will find informal postings on the walls advertising rooms, apartments, and shared apartments to rent.

Further information on accommodation that may prove of value to you can be found at

The online-game "Student Town" of the DAAD allows you to familiarize yourself with the search for accommodation in a flat shared by students. 

Download the student guide Finding Accommodation

Living in a student dorm - an illustrated dictionary in German/English/Chinese, German/French/Spanish, German/French/Arabic, German/Polish/Russian