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Necessary Visits to the Authorities Before and After Arrival

Before you come to Germany and shortly after your arrival in Giessen, you will need to deal with a few administrative formalities in order for you to be able to concentrate fully on your studies. The information we have put together for you in the following pages should be read very carefully, and you should ensure that you start preparing well in advance for your stay at JLU Giessen.

About 2 or 3 months before you commence your studies here, you will need to apply in your home country at your nearest German consulate for a

Student Visa. For this purpose you must submit your JLU Notification of Admission and proof that you can finance your stay abroad.

At the beginning of your stay in Giessen, there are some formalities to deal with:

taking out a local health insurance policy

registration with the municipal authorities

converting your student visa into a residence permit

You can find an overview of all important steps in our flyer "Your Start in Giessen".

If you wish to earn a little extra money while you are studying, you should also check out the information on Working in Giessen.