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Grants and Other Financial Support


There are many individual institutions that offer financial support to students, despite the fact that you can expect to encounter some difficulty in locating appropriate funding agencies. We have therefore endeavoured to provide you with a broad perspective and context within which you might decide to pursue your inquiries further.

Conditions for the award of study grants will vary from agency to agency. You should therefore take care to examine closely the particular requirements set out by an agency or foundation, private or public, before submitting an application. Your academic record will count, of course, and there may well be interest in the level of social or political engagement you have shown. If you manage to get on the short-list, you will generally have to navigate your way through further selection committees before a final decision is reached.

Before leaving home for Germany, make inquiries about financial support for your studies at a German consulate or embassy in your home country, or at the nearest branch of the DAAD. You should send your application to the grant authority or the DAAD in Germany.

It is worthwhile taking a good look at the website of the German Federal Association of Foundations for a first orientation.

Securing a grant in Germany is not easy. As a rule, you will have to prove excellent academic achievements as well as social commitment. For further information please read the information provided by the respective foundations, grant aid organisations and scholarship programmes (see next pages). JLU provides its own (limited) financial aid programme for successful foreign students at JLU in the closing phase of their degree. An important precondition is that you can provide proof of having gained at least half of the credits required for the respective course of study.

DAAD Grant Aid
The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) awards grants to students for an academic or training period abroad, and to foreign students who wish to study or conduct research in Germany.
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Grant Aid Via BAföG
BAföG (the Federal Law Concerning the Promotion of Education and Training) is primarily there to assist German students.
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JLU Giessen DAAD Award
Each year, the DAAD Prize is awarded for outstanding academic achievement to an international student at JLU. Nomination deadline: July 15 of each year.
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